Residential Electricians

Residential Electrician Serving Minneapolis, MN

You enjoy many modern conveniences in your home, from indoor plumbing to cooling and heating systems. One system you can’t live without, however, is your electrical system. If any electrical component of your home in Minneapolis, MN, stops working, you need an expert residential electrician to come to your home and repair the issue immediately.

At Advantage Electric, it is our pleasure to provide residential clients in the Minneapolis area with professional and reliable electrical services. Whatever your electrical needs, we’re confident that we have the perfect solution to get your home’s electrical system up and running in no time.

Call our Minneapolis office at 612.751.1772 or our St. Paul office at 651.646.1336 to schedule a service for your home and to receive a free estimate.

Our Services Benefit You

Below, we’ve listed a range of services that an Advantage Electric residential electrician can perform. We understand that every home has a unique design and that your property’s electrical system is equally distinctive. We use our 30-plus years of experience to give you peace of mind. As we work, we focus on performing the job with high-quality techniques and equipment.

Additionally, we strive to keep our rates affordable and our service prompt and professional. We’re also available 24/7 for emergency service so you can get the professional services you need before the problem escalates. When you need any of the following services, don’t hesitate to give us a call:

  • Residential Electrical Services
  • Free Estimates
  • Trouble Shooting and Expert Repairs
  • New Homes/Additions/Remodel Experts
  • Custom Lighting Design
  • Recessed Can Lighting
  • Security Lighting / Landscape Accent Lighting Design
  • Ceiling Fans/Exaust Fans/Attic Fans
  • Electrical Services and Electrical Service Upgrades (Fuses and Circuit Breakers)
  • Code Correction/Code Compliance Repairs
  • Electrical Safety Analysis
  • Smoke Detectors / Carbon Monoixe GFCI Protection
  • ARC Fault Protection
  • Whole House Surge Protection
  • Phone and Data
  • Low Voltage Wirring
  • Air Conditioning and Electric Heat
  • Any Applicances / Water Heaters / Dryers / Ranges / Microwaves
  • Hot Tubs / Jacuzzi Tubs
  • Emergency Generators
  • Electrical Roof and Gutter De-Icing Cable

Trouble Shooting

Sometimes, the electrical components in your home need a little extra attention. With our trouble shooting services, we can inspect different areas of your home’s electrical system and trouble shoot the issue. Then, we’ll recommend the right services so you can use any electrical item safely and fully.

An Advantage Electric residential electrician can expertly trouble shoot any issues with the following electrical items in your home:

  • New and Old home repair specialists
  • Storm Damage Service Equipment Repair
  • Upgrade services fuse boxes to circuit breakers
  • Code compliance/illegal and unsafe wiring
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Branch circuit faults (tripped breaker/blown fuse)
  • Devices and light fixtures (receptacles, switches, GFCI’s)
  • Underground wiring
  • Phone and cable TV
  • All appliance circuits( ranges water heaters, dryer, microwave, dishwasher)
  • Ceiling fans and exhaust fans attic fans
  • Hot tubs/Jacuzzi whirlpool
  • Air conditioners/electric heaters
  • Frayed wires/sparking or burning wires
  • Flickering lights
  • Buzzing circuit breakers


Need A Free Estimate?

If you’re in need of a Minnesota Electrician to come to your residential, commercial, or industrial location for a free estimate, please fill out our online form (to the right) or call us today at our Minneapolis location at (612) 751-1772 or our St Paul location at (651) 646-1336. Our electricians can come to your location very quick for a fast reliable quote on your electrical needs.